2 (or 3) Questions for Brikolör
by sabine7 / June 18, 2009

Brikolör, a new furniture design studio in Göteberg, launched its first collection at SaloneSatellite in Milan this year. The furniture, especially the pieces in pale colours and untreated wood, may have a calming effect, but Brikolör has strong ambition. Victor Alm, Fredrik Hansson, Mathias Eriksson and Sami Kallio, from left to right above, intend on manufacturing furniture that will last 300 years, from both a technical and emotional standpoint. This young company aims to leave a lasting impression.

Alta Alta

You speak of furniture with a guaranteed emotional and technical durability of 300 years. How is it possible to guarantee emotional durability?

Brikolör produces furniture with durability. That means that they age with dignity, keeping their inner qualities even as time goes by and changes the surface of the product. We are searching for a sort of quality within. Or, you could say that we are trying to find out how to strengthen the ability of a durable lasting relationship between the products and the people that use them. And that we want to guarantee that durability, almost impossible - but necessary, we believe. Because we want to create new, responsibly.


From your point of view, how does craftsmanship differ from design?

It does not differ because craftsmanship as well as design are constructed concepts. We believe that the most important thing is to figure out what you want to do, to find the question that needs an answer; and then it is just to combine and cultivate experiences from different people in order to make something that is hopefully not what you thought it would be when you started.

Parlan - detail

The claim that "Brikolör will save the world" is a noble one. How will you go about doing so?

The concept of durability is our take on sustainability. Creating new is not an inherent right just because you happen to be a designer; instead we mean that there is a problem in creating new things and that you need to take responsibility for what you create and question it.

In our case that means taking responsibility for everything, not only designing but producing as well, in order to guarantee 300 years of durability. We are pretty sure that by doing this we can help changing people's concept of consuming furniture, through the lasting relationship that we strive to guarantee. In short, saving the world is our mission. Nothing less.


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Photo credits: Johanna Ekmark (portrait), Niclas Löfgren (products).


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