New Finnish Design
by Jaime / June 17, 2009

New Finnish Design, an exhibition recently on display in New York, featured the work of both independent designers and Finnish companies whose products focus on play and creativity. Among the highlights were Teemu Jarvi and Heikki Ruoho's Re-board chairs, Mikko Paakkanen's lighting, Jesse Pietila's Sheer Wall and Shigeru Ban's modular furniture. More after the jump.

Designers Teemu Jarvi and Heikki Ruoho presented their Echo chairs made from Re-board, a material composed of recycled cardboard. SAAS Instruments had a number of products on display including the sleek and energy efficient Miles lights by Mikko Paakkanen. For a striking space divider Jesse Pietila created Sheer Wall, a customizable curtain made from laser-cut aluminum. One of the more innovative collections came from Shigeru Ban, whose 10 Unit System is based on a singular L-shaped form which can be used to build benches, chairs or tables.

Teemu Jarvi and Heikki Ruoho's Echo chairs.

Mikko Paakkanen's Miles lights for SAAS Instruments.

Jesse Pietila's Sheer Wall.

Shigeru Ban's 10 Unit System.


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