Giveaway: Engineered Transparency
by Harry / June 3, 2009

"Glass is both a substance and an ideology." - Francois Roche

Words to write a book by and Engineered Transparency: The Technical, Visual, and Spatial Effects of Glass is the book. This one is for the architects, as it concerns itself primarily with glass as a building material and cultural phenomena. "Engineered Transparency brings together an extraordinary multidisciplinary group of international architects engineers manufacturers and critics to collectively reconsider glass within the context of recent engineering and structural achievements. In light of these advancements glass has reemerged as a novel architectural material offering new and previously unimaginable modes of visual pleasure and spatial experience."

Projects featured include SANAA's Glass Pavilion at the Toledo Museum of Art, Yoshio Taniguchi's MoMA expansion in New York City and Steven Holl's Nelson-Atkins Museum in Kansas City. With contributions by noted thinkers in the field of architecture and design including historians Kenneth Frampton Antoine Picon and Detlef Mertins; cultural critics Beatriz Colomina Joan Ockman and Reinhold Martin; engineers Werner Sobek Guy Nordenson and Richard Tomasetti; and architects Kazuyo Sejima, Steven Holl and Elizabeth Diller. "Engineered Transparency redefines glass as a 21st century building material and challenges our assumptions about its aesthetic structural and spatial potential."

And it could be yours, we're giving away our copy of the book. We will randomly select a commenter or twitterer on Friday and send them the book. Please leave a comment here with what you see right now outside your window. It's available at Amazon for $40.95 where you can also Look Inside.

UPDATE: @_plasmo_ in Melbourne, AUS is the random pick - she gets the Engineered Transparency book. Thanks to all who replied and commented! And special thanks to Princeton Architectural Press who will also be sending a copy to Architecture for Humanity.

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