SaloneSatellite 2009: Goldsmiths Department of Design
by sabine7 / June 8, 2009

One of the most fascinating booths this year at SaloneSatellite was the one manned by a group of six design students from London's Goldsmiths. The group arrived in Milan with very little: a printer and a few hand tools. What they had in abundance was enthusiasm, wit and the desire to promote thoughtfulness and a critical approach to design. They put together their stand by using cast-offs and cardboard from other exhibitors, and relied on their own creativity to promote interaction with visitors, provoking written responses that made up the many layers of the display. Spread all over the stand were questions and invitations such as: What should be designed next? How many chairs have you seen today? Come and draw with us. How are you? At the end of it all, while the project did give pause, we wonder what happens next.

Design Manifesto of the People of Salon Satellite

Q. How many chairs have you seen today?

What needs to be designed next?

Design Olympics


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