Dollhouse by Stephen Proctor
by sabine7 / June 3, 2009

Stephen Proctor's elegant flatpack dollhouse (or is it a condo?) is certainly an update on the traditional A-frame. Based in Australia, Proctor specializes in children's furnishings and accessories. Another studio that puts fun into the everyday is Italy's Vivo. Help is what Vivo's handy plastic clip can provide, but also what it seems to be shouting when squeezed. Designed by Daniele Tomassoni, Help can pin up papers inside or function as a clothespin. After all, housework can make the best of us think of The Scream. Also from Vivo, Tornado is a wastepaper bin designed by Mirko Schwiedrzik to suck up mess. And when the chores are done, how about a bike ride? Inspired by Bauhaus, Michael Ubbesen Jakobsen's BauBike is all about the square and the triangle instead of traditional bike frame forms. All clean lines, this new bike forces us to rethink our cycling needs and allows for customization and accessorizing.

Dollhouse by Stephen Proctor

Help from Vivo Design

Help from Vivo Design

Twister from Vivo Design

BauBike by Michael Ubbesen Jakobsen at Kolding

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