Future Perfect 2009
by Jaime / June 4, 2009

During New York Design Week the Future Perfect showcased one-of-a-kind pieces and limited edition work from a handful of American designers. The exhibit, aptly named Editions, included work from Lindsey Adelman (that's her Knotty Bubble above), Jason Miller, Carlos Salgado of Scrapile and Joel Voisard. More after the jump.

Lindsey Adelman's Knotty Bubble series included a pendant and table/floor lamp made from hand blown glass partially dipped in 23K gold and a tangle of hand-dyed ropes. Down in the store's basement the exhibition continued with Jason Miller's Wooly Chair, a prehistoric lounger composed of a bison hide resting on brass legs. Brooklyn-based Scrapile showcased Deluxe, a table made from re-purposed wood remnants that designer Carlos Salgado has been collecting for years. The piece that commanded the most attention however was Joel Voisard's Box Cart, a Remy-esque storage system mounted on a rolling cart.

Lindsey Adelman's Knotty Bubbles.

Lindsey Adelman's Knotty Bubbles, floor.

Jason Miller's Wooly Chair.

Jason Miller's Wooly Chair, wooden button detail.

Scrapile's Deluxe table.

Joel Voisard's Box Cart.

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