More InDisposed: Talking Trash (about design)
by Jaime / May 28, 2009

A few more selections from the InDisposed exhibition in New York. The show included work which examined the idea of sustainability both in terms of creation and collection. Among the pieces shown were Kevin Patrick McCarthy's Hansen pendant, Tobias Wong's unPAPER (above), Jeff Miller's Dough-Dough Bird Feeder, Design Glut's Candle Strips and Situ Studio's Firewall. More after the jump.

McCarthy's pendant was a study on eco-packaging, the light ships flat and extends like a telescope upon assembly. Wong offered a more conceptual piece, partnering with the magazine Paper to eliminate ten pages from every issue and make them available only online. Items with a fun twist included Miller's house-shaped bread bird feeder and Design Glut's cord-shaped candles. Situ Studio created new building blocks for firewood, interlocking CNC formed logs which were crafted from American pines ravaged by beetles.

Kevin Patrick McCarthy's Hansen pendant.

Tobias Wong's unPAPER.

Jeff Miller's Dough-Dough Bird Feeder.

Design Glut's Candle Strips.

Situ Studio's Firewall.



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