Make You by Aun Design
by sabine7 / June 1, 2009

One of the most exciting aspects about SaloneSatellite is the quality of work that comes from all corners of the earth. Aun Design from Japan presented Make You, a large, soft seat that can envelope the users. Although there is a definite floral flair there, anyone familiar with a blooming onion will recognize its kinship with this piece. The Industrial Design Centre from the Indian Institute of Technology in Mumbai featured the Adam and Eve, a versatile mattress with a shelf that can also be placed beneath the mattress for back support. Finland's Kokoomo brought a smile to many a face with Feed Me, a series of practical tidy-uppers that were caught gorging on stuffed animals. And Kerstin Meyer from the University of Bolzano showed how connected we are when we eat. The Unfassbar table is based on Meyer's careful observations of interaction during a dinner party she held.

Make You seating from AUN Design

Adam and Eve Mattress from the Industrial Design Centre of the Indian Institute of Technology

Feed Me storage from Jitan Patel at Kokoomo

Unfassbar by Kerstin Meyer

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