Divis & Drake by Council
by Eric / May 31, 2009

We've been following Council since they launched at ICFF three years ago, always curious what the small American furniture maker has to offer that differs from what the European companies have lined up (always rooting for the underdog). It's encouraging to see them persevere, thrive and show up year after year with new stuff, especially in such a tight and tough market. Here's what they launched at the ICFF this year.

Council teamed up with Mike&Maaike again (the Mute chair being the first collaboration) and are now happy to present the Divis table. The table top is elegantly split to insert its legs through, locked together with mystery magic joinery that leaves no bolts or screws in sight. All holds still, almost like it naturally grew to that state of balance. My gut instinct was to set it in a dining room, but the guys at Council also cleverly suggested it be used as a conference or work table; dangling cords can all be managed and thrown through its splits. The hard wood table is available in either black stained ash or natural poplar (which will age beautifully, slowly turning brownish with time).

They also showed off their new Drake Chairs, designed by One&Co (who did last year's famous Periodic table). Powder coated to your fluorescent (and more subtle) liking, the continuous line elegantly becomes feet, back and cantilevered seat. Versatile for outdoor or indoor, the latter has a stylish upholstered option made of wool felt or leather, available in black, white and beige.

+ Council Design
+ Mike & Maiike
+ One&Co


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