Hero 365: Rain Collector & Drying Rack
by Eric / May 22, 2009

Exhibiting at ICFF was a first for Toronto based Hero Design Lab, and we sure hope to see them again. They launched Hero 365 in New York, a new line of "extraordinary resource saving objects for everyday life" with a rain collector (RC-1) and an outdoor drying rack (DR-1). Both objects mirror each other with their formal and ideological attributes: made of lightweight aluminum, they are powder coated and designed with affordability and sustainability in mind while bursting with good looks.

The rain collector holds 45 gallons in its collapsible plastic water bladder and also features a hook for a watering can.

The dryer expands by rotating the bars and levering up the drying surface. Collapsed it's an elegant outdoor screen, don't you think?

The design duo - Jenny Lemieux from Canada and Leo Corrales from Mexico - met while studying at Domus in Milan and have since established their base in Toronto. All is manufactured in Canada, recyclable and shipped flat-packed.

+ herodesignlab.com
+ hero-365.com


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