Eric's Five Things From New York
by Eric / May 20, 2009

More favorites from New York Design Week. Droog in person, Pratt for a buck, Kikkerland's cans, Bond @ Milk, and a comfy Ace - details after the jump.

Inspiring: Seeing the Droog collection at their new store in Soho. You read so much about these famous design pieces but never seem to have the chance to have them all in one room, especially in America, appreciating the details of them all. Gush galore.

Thrifty: Pratt institute Design for a Dollar. Working with the economic limit of a dollar in mind, the students came up with a wonderful and varied collection of works. Displayed: Scissors by Brian Persico, laser cut from discarded saw blades.

Multiply it by a thousand: filling a store with pink grey and black playpen balls (Ørgreen Optics and Artsee's Playground in Meatpacking district) or gathering and stacking thousands of soup cans (Kikkerland's booth at ICFF). No matter what you multiply, it seems it's always a sure shot. Kikkerland planned on donating all the cans to a charity for the homeless. No idea who's apartment is inheriting all the playpen balls though.

Slick and smart: the Bond show at the Milk Gallery. Pondering complex contemporary problems with perception and elegance. I appreciated the bareness of it all, the solemn displays, the concise yet insightful explanations of the works.

Über-comfy: getting lost in the huge and smooth pillows at the new Ace Hotel. A lot of folks in town for the design show stayed at the Ace. All of them must have slept very well.

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