by Harry / May 19, 2009

Met designers Chris Adamick and Piotr Woronkowicz at ICFF and chatted, when it hit me, sk8trs are getting older and buying furniture. That's skateboarders for those who aren't familiar with the short form, those who adhere to skateboard culture (see Furni). Chris and Piotr have tapped into the culture and developed some pieces that are truly unique and functional. My favorite was the low table that converts to a ramp. You read right, the hard wood table can be used for coffee table books and to grind with your skateboard, that is slide on the edge of the table with a skateboard with you on it. The metal edges are made for that. The idea was that if you got tired of the table you could take it outside and use it as a ramp. The other piece that caught my eye was a sideboard for your DJ setup (the flipside of sk8tr culture), it has an ingenious storage/display system for albums and room for turntables.


Grind table up close with architectural rendering.

Lights and DJ sideboard in the foreground.

Sakteboard decks with skyscrapers.

+ testcollective.com


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