5 (or 6) Things From New York
by Harry / May 18, 2009

It's the fifth or sixth time MoCo Loco has attended New York Design week and more than in years past this week was marked by a need to be everywhere at once. Not just on my part judging by the same faces I saw at each event. Over the weekend we raced around Midtown, Soho and Meatpacking to see what we could. Here my five notable events, people or things that I saw in New York during Design Week; staying at the Ace, the Puff&flock collective, meeting Andre Balazs, lighting, bikes (and Vanessa's, best meal ever in NYC for less than $5).

Staying at the Ace hotel was a great experience thanks to the people, the service was first class, very friendly and attentive. Thank you. That's the almost completed lobby above. New York hotels are experiences all to themselves, this one still has tenants living in the building. We were at the McMasters show on the 8th floor of the hotel yesterday and could smell someone cooking down the hall. (P.S. Thx Eric for the PS4 magic)

Seeing the Puff&flock collective, a textile collective from the UK with interesting ideas and great energy, the enthusiasm combined with talent could carry this team well into a successful future. That's Kathy Schicker's heat sensitive, interactive text pillow above.

Meeting hotelier Andre Balazs, a smart man with a vision and the wherewithal to make it a reality.

Lighting was particularly notable this year at ICFF (as it is every year). That's Bocci's new pendant above. A more detailed lighting post will follow.

And bikes! Areaware had two bikes on display (that's a Moof above), and the Germans had one as well.

Special thanks to the Core77 crew for leading us to Vanessa's in Chinatown for their dumplings, the best NYC meal ever for less than $5.


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