Cabinet by Antoine + Manuel
by sabine7 / May 20, 2009

The highly embellished sideboard by French graphic designers Antoine + Manuel was a bit of a showstopper at Il Salone. Made from expanded polyurethane foam, the buffet is a mixture of landscape and science fiction. In complete contrast is Sami Rintala's Luoto, a piece that Danese, for whom it was made, describes as a space element. Although very simple (yet massive), Luoto is all function: covered desk with loads of storage. Nils Holger Moormann had a small stand full of variations on storage and furniture, including a coat rack with an amusing base.

Buffet by Antoine + Manuel for Barcelona Design

Luoto by Sami Rintala for Danese

Luoto by Sami Rintala for Danese

Stellvertreter by Stephan Schulz for Nils Holger Moormann

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