Best MoCo Architecture This Week
by Harry / May 12, 2009

Luca Selva Architects' A house for Art at Arch Daily. One of 11 picks this week, the 10 others are after the jump.

This week's picks:

+ Luca Selva Architects' A house for Art at Arch Daily, "There are houses that become houses devoted to art over time by the gradual addition of artwork. Others, like the house in Binningen, were built to be a house for art from the beginning."

+ Gabriels Webb's Ijburg House at Arch Daily, "A site with a south facing view to a canal on the Grote Rietland of IJburg provided a unique opportunity for a family to live in a free-standing villa within 20 minutes of central Amsterdam."

+ Standard's Tree house at Arch Daily, "167 sqm concrete and wood passive solar house on the top of a hillside in Los Angeles. A large ash tree literally envelopes the house, creating a microclimate to which the project responds."

+ superkul inc's | architect's 40R_Laneway House at designboom, the architects "transformed an old blacksmith's shop in a back alley into the contemporary 40R_Laneway House. The building in mid-town Toronto now houses a single-family residence measuring 850 sq. ft."

+ Small House Design Lab's Atago House at What We Do Is Secret.

+ Atsushi Yagi Architects & Associates' Ore-kusa house at What We Do Is Secret. "Ore-kusa means 'bending grass' in Japanese. According to architect Atsushi Yagi, a picture of 'walls of tall grass bending towards each other' was the initial inspiration for the design."

+ Kenichi Kishi Architectural Design Office's Denen no Ie house at What We Do Is Secret, "a new house in the middle of rice fields in Okayama".

+ Paolo Gianfrancesco's Barn House VF at designboom, "Aðalvík beach is extremely north (66°22' N - 23°00' W) and is one of the most remote places in Iceland. The location calls for a choice of light wood frame modules because of the inaccessibility of the beach; the only access is during the summer by sea with small fishing boats. The aim of the project is to build on the original site of an old barn house."

+ Ailtireacht Architects' Matilde House, "an extension to a Victorian terrace house in Rathgar, Dublin. Constructed from light-grey zinc, the two-storey building houses an additional bathroom, bedroom and space for working."

+ Cino Zucchi Architetti's Single-family house in Enschede, Holland at Trendir, "The design articulates the detailed volumetric prescriptions of the plan stressing the differences between a stately front in dark bricks and an informal back in frosted glass embracing a private garden."

+ Tomoaki Uno architecture office's dark, foreboding House in Takenoyama at

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