Mindcraft: Shhh... Craft is Golden
by sabine7 / May 12, 2009

The Danish Crafts Council did it again this year, pulling off the superbly curated Mindcraft exhibition in Zona Tortona, a mixture of craft, design and calm. Ole Jensen's Hot Water Bottles were a cross between humourous and macabre, and Steen Ipsen's Tied Power ceramic piece was bursting out of its restraints. Salto+Sigsgaard's Wet Bell was a remarkable feat of engineering that caused a few doubletakes. Christin Johansson was back with the Feminoir, a urinal for women (last year she presented a shaving mirror). Splatterplatter was a lovely display of platters by Louise Campbell - hard to believe Royal Copenhagen allowed her to use this technique in their facility.

Hot Water Bottles by Ole Jensen

Tied Power by Steen Ipsen

Wet Bell by Salto + Sigsgaard

Feminoir by Christin Johansson

Splatterplatter by Louise Campbell

+ danishcrafts.org


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