Playing with Tradition by Richard Hutten
by sabine7 / May 7, 2009

Richard Hutten's Playing With Tradition carpets blend traditional paisley motifs with a striped pattern that brings to mind either a barcode or an image in the process of loading. Or simply a classic, if one didn't know any better. Other designs that drew us in at Il Salone were light-catching shades at Emporium, and Corona, a chair by Poul Volther for Erik Jorgensen that had some mid-century overtones but still looked up-to-date. Marco Dessi's Prater chair for Richard Lampert was just one chair of several throughout the week that really played up the grain. Here the glue that binds the plywood layers becomes an integral part of the design. The chair is simple, but the material takes on an air of complexity.

Richard Hutten for i+i

Plexiglass ligthing from Emporium

Prater chair by Marco Dessi for Richard Lampert

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