Designersblock Milan 2009
by sabine7 / May 5, 2009

Designersblock changed venue this year, and although it was a trek to the Revel Scalo d'Isola venue, the designs were presented in a much kinder setting than last year's swimming pool. Visitors were greeted by a slew of chairs from the International Product Design department of Glasgow Caledonian University and a variety of accessories and other soft furnishings from Puff & Flock took over once inside, including some zany balloon furniture. The mood was light, what with resin-coated beach balls as lighting from TOBYhouse and Valentina Grez Wohlers' Prickly pair chairs. Absolute Appetite showed some sneaky plates that have sauces and reductions already baked right in, saving the cook some effort. The show was a mix of furniture and accessories, and even included some karaoke. However, a real point of interest was the temporary newspaper office set-up of The Working Title, one of the few design week publications. Especially eye-catching was the headline that screamed "Tom Dixon flies EasyJet."

Depth Charge by Craig Nolan of Glasgow Caledonian University

Balloon Furniture from Puff & Flock

Zest gourmet plates from Absolute Appetite

Prickly Pair chairs by Valentina Glez Wohlers

Beach Ball lights from TOBYhouse

Milan offices of The Working Title


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