This Week At Art MoCo
by sabine7 / May 1, 2009

What strange creatures inhabit the world of Saul Zanolari, such doll-children with adult-like aspects. These two are up to assisted fertilization, but what of their friend on the trapeze? As she rolls her eyes, what on earth is she thinking? Or the mysterious, masked one? See tidbits from the rest of the week after the jump.

What is she up to? Only Saul Zanolari knows.

Former dancer Naomi Schlinke choreographs the movement in her works of ink and clayboard.

Robert Mangold encourages the viewer to look at painting in a completely different way. The canvas is used as a structural element rather than simply as a base.

Alex & Cocco capture old books at rest.

There is no unravelling the curls and swirls in work by Karen J. Revis.

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