360 Winnett: Smooth Seams, White Walls & Hardwood Floors
by sabine7 / May 15, 2009

It didn't take much time for the installers to mud, tape and sand all of the seams. I wish I had my camera on hand during a few visits to the house because the guys mudding were walking around on stilts. I'm pretty sure it would have made for a decent photo or two. With the walls fully prepared, it was time for paint. It's quite surprising how much larger the spaces feel now that walls are primed - particularly the clerestory, which obviously gets the most amount of light. And, I must admit, that for the floors, choosing the species of hardwood was actually quite difficult for us. If you haven't had the luxury of walking into a hardwood store (or looking online for that matter), you'll quickly discover that there are thousands of options to choose from. For us, we wanted something that was strong, aesthetically pleasing and cost effective.






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