Best MoCo Architecture This Week
by Harry / April 20, 2009

Andrew Maynard Architects' Barrow House extension at Arch Daily, "The external timber cladding wraps itself inside and fuses the extension into the original house, where the old living space now is occupied as a bathroom." One of 16 picks this week. More after the jump. (photo: Peter Bennetts)

This week's picks:

+ Andrew Maynard Architects' Barrow House at Arch Daily, "The Barrow extension appears as an arrangement of timber boxes, each independently rotated and subjected to varying amounts of extruding and manipulating forces."

+ Paul de Ruiter's Villa Deys at Arch Daily, "The living functions of Villa Deys are placed around the swimming pool and spaciously blend into each other."

+ Wespi de Meuron's House in Scaiano at Arch Daily, "It's only possible to reach the house by foot. There isn't a street leading close to the site, what made the construction more difficult."

+ FORM | Kouichi Kimura's House of Depth at Arch Daily, "Despite its urban, closed appearance, the house has between the exterior and the interior a long approach that can be regarded as the intermediate zone relating to the surrounding environment."

+ 1:1 Architects' re-Growth Pod at Arch Daily (and here), "a permanent and cost effective housing unit which can assist in the rebuilding of the fire devastated town-ships of Victoria [Australia]. The robust pre-fabricated concrete structure has been designed to be built upon, but in the short term acts as a habitable starting point for the building of a new home."

+ Caleb Schafer's $70K Simple Modern House at Jetson Green, "They did pretty much all the labor themselves without subcontracting anything except the septic system."

+ Cebra Architects' Sinus House at Trendir, "the original rectangular shape and stout black surface is notched with white indentations along the long sides of the house - an artifice ensuring sunlight indoors all day long". Via DigsDigs and World Pictures.

+ APOLLO Architects & Associates' Dice House at What We Do Is Secret, "Here's a nice house in a nice neighborhood in Tokyo (it's facing a busy road, but that's OK by Tokyo standard)."

+ APOLLO Architects & Associates' Slit House at What We Do Is Secret, "Nice stairs. This house in the busy Shitamachi (the old downtown district) of Tokyo was built for a couple with a newborn baby. It makes me wonder how they are living in this 'vertical' house with a small child."

+ Takashi Seisho + Akinari Tanaka's Mizoe House at

+ FORM | Kouichi Kimura Architects' house of diffusion at, "designed to incorporate the scenery as well as to protect privacy from neighborhood, resulting in the composition of being connected with the outward world while closed inward at the same time."

+ FORM | Kouichi Kimura Architects' House of inclusion at, "Surrounded by other houses, the design goal was set up to block out the outside world while avoiding too much closure, as well as to provide rich and sensuous spaces."

+ Yasutaka Yoshimura Architects' renovation project House of Houses/ Nowhere but Hayama at, "A very intriguing scene was created with 4 small houses that come out of the floor supporting the walls from the inside."

+ FKL Architects' A House in Dublin, Ireland with, "two stacked, diagonally-staggered, concrete volumes."

+ rh+ architecture's Maison STM at SpaceInvading, "Le programme consiste a creer au rez-de-chaussee: une entree, un grand sejour avec petit salon attenant, une cuisine, une salle a manger et un bureau, l'ensemble oriente vers le jardin." (on the first floor all the public rooms and an office face the garden)

+ Tadashi Murai's Watanabe Residence at Dwell, "Located in a hidden valley on the picturesque Izu Peninsula, a few hours west of Tokyo, the Watanabe Residence, designed by architect Tadashi Murai, looks more like an imposing black box propped amidst the wooded landscape than a model of environmental friendliness."

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