Habitus by Sebastian Jansson
by Harry / April 16, 2009

Sebastian Jansson will be showing Habitus, a bar stool, among other items at SaloneSatellite in Milan next week. "By studying the formation of coffee leafs, Jansson was able to re-create the stool through this intricate arrangement of geometric forms, whilst maintaining its aesthetic qualities and comfort. " More after the jump.

The stool is made from laser cut 1mm steel, and is folded and welded. Habitus was originally designed for a coffee shop called Kaffa Roastery in Helsinki. Jansson also created the brand identity and communication for the boutique coffee roaster.

+ kaffaroastery.fi

Also being shown is Cumulus, a modular lamp with a geometric shape and a Velcro "joining mechanism [that] creates an extremely rigid framework as together it forms the skeletal structure for light diffusion."


+ sebastianjansson.com


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