Element Outdoor Grill by Ammunition
by Harry / April 10, 2009

Robert Brunner at Ammunition has designed a new compact outdoor grill for Fuego, an extension of his previous Fuego 01 outdoor grill design. "The Element continues Fuego's explorations into the outdoor grill as social hub." Element is an affordable, gas-powered grill with a simple iconic form that features a high-powered dual-zone cooking system and four different cook top options in a relatively small form factor. Says Brunner, "We wanted to make the Fuego brand accessible and affordable to all, and create something really very special in the process."


From Fuego:

Patent-pending features such as the Dual-Zone Burner System gives users complete control over their grilling temperature and features one control knob. With 24,000 British Thermal Units (BTUs) on the 345 square inch cooking surface: Zone 1 is for indirect cooking, such as roasting and baking (15,000 BTUs) and Zone 2 is for direct, standard open-faced grilling (9,000 BTUs).

The ELEMENT grill is easily protected from the elements with waterproof controls, an all-weather cover and features large wheels with locking casters for easy mobility and storage during the winter months.

+ elementbyfuego.com
+ ammunitiongroup.com

Detail of swing-out table.


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