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by sabine7 / April 9, 2009

Michael Neubrauer and Alexander Rybol make up qed* design, a German firm that creates its own products and projects but also helps other companies develop design solutions in a variety of fields. The company's Taplamp was in Cologne earlier this year, great-looking lighting with an unusual twist. After the jump, how a detail can take a product from ordinary to extraordinary.


One of your mottoes is "question every detail" and the Taplamp certainly pushes the user to question energy usage. By creating the dimmer in the form of a spigot, you have made it clear that the user controls the light. What steps led to this design?

By questioning every detail we always try to add that little extra detail to our products to make them unique and outstanding. In case of the Taplamp we wanted the user to interact directly with the bulb and added the spigot on top. It's fascinating how you can change the perception and interaction of things even with small details.

Another motto is "quod erat demonstrandum" or the idea that "to make things possible you always have to try the impossible." What attempts at the impossible did you make while working on Taplamp?

...to find a glue to stick a glass spigot to a bulb!

When we came up with the idea, this was the most difficult part and many people said: "That's not possible to do." But that challenged us even more. To create new things and products, you have to try many ways - even if some seem impossible to go, they will bring you closer to finding a solution. In the end we can say: q.e.d. (quod erat demonstrandum), which literally means "which was to be demonstrated."


Is the production of the Taplamp "quite easily done?"

Most of the things that seem "quite easily done" are pretty complicated to do.

Our philosophy deals with the creation of products, but also about the intellectual understanding of design. In this case it's the transfer of the intuitive usage of the watertap to a desklight. It is quite easily done: just a spigot added to the ordinary bulb - if you know which glue to use.


What are some of your next projects?

1. production of "hendekagram" for our label qed*
2. new products for qed*
3. perpetuum mobile
4. controlled nuclear fusion
5. we don't know yet....call us if we can do something for you!

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