one teakettle by Vessel Ideation
by Harry / March 31, 2009

Winner of the 2009 World Kitchen Tea Off competition Vessel Ideation's one teakettle is a single vessel "designed with both boiling and serving in mind". Once filled with water and placed over the stove to heat, the graphics on the kettle's side slowly appear (the graphics are applied with thermochromic inks). Once they fully appear the tea is ready. A magnetic trivet can then be attached to the bottom of the kettle so that it can be safely placed on a table. The magnetic trivet is heat activated, so it drops off once the kettle is cool.


From Vessel Ideation:

We approached the problem with the stated goal of simplifying the tea process to itʼs essence. Surveys of existing tea kettles showed a fundamental redundancy in the need for both a kettle and a pot, or the inclusion of a cumbersome secondary object---an independent trivet or an insulating sleeve. A dual purpose vessel appealed to us as the best opportunity for a new kettle.
As the challenges of creating such a design became apparent, we looked into heat resistant and reactive materials to see if they would provoke new solutions. We built a catalogue of heat technologies and began to work with them to create the solutions we needed.
Once the individual elements became clear, we refined the concept through 3D studies and quick form mockups in paper and wood to arrive at a scale that was reasonable for the hand to hold and capable of containing the appropriate volume. At this point, surfaces were refined in 3D and paired to appropriate material and mechanical solutions to create a seamless whole.



We asked designer Daniel Y. Chung a few questions:

What inspired you to create the "one"?
Simplicity and beauty. Simplicity led to eliminating the need for 2 objects by leveraging materials like Franklinite (that becomes magnetic when heated) to create the trivet locking interface, as well as heat-resistant silicone to insulate the handle area for easiest pouring control and hence eliminate the need of a protruding handle. Beauty led to bringing visual elegance to the experience of boiling and serving hot water for tea. The use of thermocromic ink allows ONE to communicate that the water is boiling without the need of a whistle - as well as add decoration for serving.

What were the graphics inspired by?
They were inspired by blue ink traditionally used in porcelain tea pots - we wanted to bring that history and reinterpret it in a more contemporary style and context. We had more than a dozen of cool graphics & patterns we created - and the possibilities are limitless.

Is the one in production? Can it be bought?
Unfortunately it is not in production, therefore cannot be bought. We've gotten an overwhelming amount of emails asking where ONE could be purchased - so we will certainly plan on investigating avenues to find a partner to produce & commercialize this concept.

Thanks Dan!

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