Best MoCo Architecture This Week
by Harry / March 28, 2009

Klaarchitectuur's House Kempeneers at Archinect, "Exterior spaces, like patio and covered terrace, are enclosed inside the fort-like structure. On the contrary, the inside surprises with open spaces, copious natural light, and continuous interaction between the inside and the outside."

This week's picks:

+ Architecton and Shelter Industries' prefab EcoFabulous House show house at Trendir, "The 1,400 ft2 v-shaped vacation home addresses the growing interest in preserving environmental resources by using reclaimed, recycled and sustainable materials and products."

+ Makoto Yokomizo Architects's TEM at What We Do Is Secret, "Each of the three apartments in the complex designed by Makoto Yokomizo Architects in 2004 has a typical floor plan of a Bikers' Apartment. What makes it unique is that most light inside passes through the translucent roof of the building."

+ ofis architecture's sustainable 6x11 Alpine Hut at yatzer, "The volume of the house 6 x 11 metres... Large corner window was positioned toward the sun therefore in winter-sunny days no heating is needed... Central staircase rotates around the fireplace that heats both floors."

+ Nick Noyes' FLEXAHOUSE at Materialicious, "FLEXAHOUSE is a 'kit-of-parts plan' because the key elements -- Great Room, Master Suite, Bedroom and Bath Unit, Guest Suite, Garage, Flexawall, Entry, and Trellis -- combine to form three different layouts (I-shape, L-shape, and T-shape) to suit various lot configurations."

+ Andrew Maynard Architects' Tattoo House at Arch Daily, "The building is a small extension to an existing 3 bedroom house in Fitzroy North, Victoria. The client's brief was delightfully loose; provide new living and kitchen space for a growing young family and create an open plan with plenty of natural light and high ceilings."

+ D'Arcy Jones' Island House at Arch Daily, "Nestled between a damp forest and a tangle of blackberry-bushes, the house was conceived as a single-level vacation and retirement house, appropriate for aging clients and their young extended family."

+ JVA's Farm House at Arch Daily, "Above, there is a children's loft, below the parent's part of the house. The main section rises towards the south to allow for the low winter sun to enter the building. The glazed and lofty winter garden works as a heat collector at winter time, and heat buffer for the rest of the house at summer time."

+ Kino architects' Corner house, the interior of an apartment in Tokyo, Japan where "The residence is divided into two distinct areas - a white-painted portion comprising a kitchen, toilet, bathroom and closet with fixed layouts, and a wood-paneled space to be arranged according to the occupant's needs."

+ The OfficePOD at TreeHugger, a "full service system for employers to lease home offices for their employees to reduce costs, attract and retain staff, reduce CO2 emissions, increase productivity and adapt to change." Via Springwise.

+ Kyu Sung Woo's Putney House at Wallpaper*, "A roof thick with photovoltaic panels keeps power flowing in this remote location, while cold winter winds are kept at bay by narrow windows in the north walls, which also help with ventilation in warmer months." Also at WSJ.

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