Best MoCo Objects This Week
by Harry / March 24, 2009

Lorenzo Damiani's 152 collection of Murano glass bowls with Fornasier at designboom, "glass waste is placed in a special container that has a tube and then sealed permanently".

This week's picks:

+ yonoh's relaunched prof lamp at designboom, "conceived from a continuous tube of 30 mm diameter bent over itself that creates a self- bearing structure."

+ Alice Wang's Chairs for the Dysfunctional at Core77, "questions how you sit. Do you sit sideways? Do you shake your leg? And worst of all, do you have gas?".

+ Bruce and Stephanie Tharp of Materious' Adieu ceramic gas-fireplace "logs for the ardent modernist" at Core77, "cast from the legs of past furniture styles like Queene Anne, Shaker, Chippendale, and Colonial. Set within the fire, they mark a derision for, or weariness of, our stylistic past."

+ Jan Broekstra's bottle chandelier at DesignWS for the VIVID meets Sint Fiet collection.

+ MIO's line of eco prodcuts for Target at Inhabitat, "eight outdoor items made from recycled and renewable materials including a watering can, trowel, cultivator, weeder, mini herb garden, solar lights, hammock and composter".

+ Nacho Carbonell's Soft Concrete sofa at matandme, "this couch is standing in front of the church/workspace of the design collective atelierdorp in eindhoven. (I don't think that it would be easy to steal it) ... nacho created a concrete bench for outdoor purposes which shape reminds of a soft couch."

+ James Patmore's Armadillo dresser at designklub, "a clever idea for the man who wants to hide his grooming supplies; the 'Armadillo' dresser has wooden sliding panels which reveal small compartments. Also notable is his 'NaCl' light...molecular structures win my heart every time." Also at keechdesign.

+ Gabriel & Oscar Buratti's W+W washbasin WC combination for Roca at Trendir, "his unique fixture features a gently curved L-shape with the toilet positioned at the lower end, and the sink located higher up for convenience."

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