MoCo Details: Antibodi by Patricia Urquiola for Moroso
by Gimena / March 23, 2009

Here's the first of a new weekly series of posts that begins today. Written by designer/ blogger Gimena Moya Tonelli (pictured right), MoCo Details is all about the detail in design. The parts of a design that we often gloss over, but that designers put a lot of thought and effort into. It's in those details that we often find the most captivating story of a piece. First up, Patricia Urquiola's celebrated Antibodi chair for Moroso.

From a simple circle of fabric Patricia Urquiola succeeds in creating a rich and ingenious object; an incredibly eclectic product capable of appearing feminine and soft, or colourful and filled with cultural meanings, or severe and rational. More after the jump.


It's the choice of materials that transforms Antibodi's personality; wool and felt of vivid or ton-sur-ton colours that provide a joyful mood, the mix of different patterns and textures that confer an ethnic, storytelling facet, the use of leather and optical patterns that give a masculine, quilted look.

The fascinating aspect of Antibodi lays precisely in these contrasts, achieved thanks to the Spanish designer's exceptional ability to distill from simple materials and technologies highly expressive and intelligent products. Despite a rational approach to design her products never lack in poetry, she has the rare ability of extracting the maximum expression out of rather common materials and proven manufacturing processes.

A simple circle made of fabric, sewn to other circles in a triangular configuration gives shape to a contrasting double face surface, which is then mounted over a simple stainless steel structure. The covers are removable so you can decide which mood best matches the need.

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