Best MoCo Objects This Week
by Harry / March 10, 2009

Cristian Zuzunaga's pixelated fabric on Cristophe Delcourt's furniture at Les carnets du design, "The designer has dressed a range of sofas and chair with his pixelated fabric obtained from the deformation and expansion of the picture of an urban landscape in Shanghai".

This week's picks a day late:


+ 5.5 designers' Coincasa collection Milan Design Week preview at designboom, "includes a table with two legs that can be supported by either a light stand, book stand or birdcage, as well as a branch-like light stand".


+ Jakub Berdych's Dose Relikviar glass bowl and cover for Futurista at DesignEast.


+ Paula Hayes' Terrariums at Remodelista.


+ EL Schmid's Noon lamp collection for Zeitraum at Designlines.


+ Karim Rashid's Slice Y-Peeler at NOTCOT.


+ Harrie Leenders' Spot compact stove at Trendir, "Due to its small size, smart design and safe construction you can place it anywhere; or even use it as a 'warm little wall'."


+ ALPINA's Menes mobile cooking table at Appliancist, "it comes with electric 1.7 kW non-stick aluminium heating plate, Ollare stone plate and fondue set, fed by hot plates with fire blitz gel."


+ officeoriginair's Herb Garden for Royal VKB at designboom, "a small indoor planter that can be used to grow herbs or keep purchased ones fresh. The garden also has a small pocket with scissors so just the right amount of herbs can be cut."


+ Helmut Smits' street fountain at Pruned, "When the rains do come and fill up pot holes or shallow pedestrian depressions, you can sow little fountains everywhere, adding a bit of playfulness to the concrete playgrounds of weary city-dwellers." Via Land + Living.

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