Best MoCo Architecture This Week
by Harry / January 31, 2009

+ Fifth World's Camouflage House 3 and Kurimoto Millennium City at What We Do Is Secret, "Hiroshi Iguchi's practice focuses on eco friendly, sustainable architecture".

This week's picks:

+ Fifth World's Camouflage House 3 and Kurimoto Millennium City at What We Do Is Secret, "Hiroshi Iguchi's practice focuses on eco friendly, sustainable architecture".

+ KieranTimberlake's BUILDER LivingHome, built, at Jetson Green, an entire 2,466 square foot house "assembled in about three days on the IBS exhibit floor." Also at Inhabitat.

+ Daisuke Maeda/sequence studio and ohno japan's "House in Saikai" at, "Building site is surrounded by bamboo forest and mountain green. Architecture consists of only two elements 'roof and wall'."

+ Tham & Videgård Hansson Arkitekter's Double house at Arch Daily, "A house organized as a spiralling sequence of four large rooms in four levels. These big spaces without a fixed hierarchy let this house invite the inhabitants to organise their lives following their own preferences."

+ More of Wespi de Meuron's Brione House at Arch Daily, "The new building is located in a privileged but sprawled urban area above Locarno, with an overwhelming view on the city, the surrounding mountains and the lake. The project is a discrete reaction to a daily subject: to build into a crowded and chaotic urbanized area. Therefore all attributes of a classical house were totally omitted."

+ fnp architekten's prefab Schwitzkasten sauna pavilion at Judit Bellostes, a combination of garden shed and sauna.

+ L. McComber Architects' design solution for the owners of a 700 square foot loft in Montreal at Contemporist, "They needed to create a room for a newborn baby, so a suspended platform bed made of curved douglas fir plywood and tubular steel was created." One of the finalists of the 2008 Prix d'excellence en architecture.

+ Keiichi Hayashi Architect's House on the Mountainside at Architecture-Page, "The house rises on the mountainside and is surrounded by a forest. The atmosphere in the house changes as you move from floor to floor, the experience being unique every time -- owing to a changing surrounding environment."

+ Bevk Perović arhitekti's house R at Spaceinvading, a contemporary country house inspired by traditional forms.

+ Nissyo Design Dept.'s House of Machida at Spaceinvading, two stark cubes on an infill lot in a nondescript residential neighborhood.

+ It's Not a Passivhaus, It's a Plusenergihus at TreeHugger, the Plusenergihus "is like a Passivhaus with an extra kick from solar collectors and a stove.

+ Pedro Gadanho's Casa Baltazar at arkinetia, "With its view on the Oporto river and one of its many bridges, this little house was indeed an attractive target. At little more than 40sqm here was a stone shell that, stripped of its prior ghosts, could turn into a highly desirable commodity."

+ Tham & Videgard Hansson Arkitekter's Garden House at designboom, "the triangular two storey house consists of wooden facades that will be covered by greenery."

+ Min|Day's House at Lake Okoboji at eye candy.

+ Jorge Graca Costa's DT House at Inhabitat, "a resounding expression of his particular approach. This compact box is a perfect example of how smart, energy-efficient design principles can be applied practically (and beautifully) to fulfill the many requirements of human living."

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