MoCo Submissions
by sabine7 / January 16, 2009

+ Philip Edis presents the Chocolate Carpet, a veritable landscape of temptation, at IMM Cologne next week. Handtufted, cut and trimmed, the Chocolate Carpet absorbs noise and, thanks to the slight faceting, gives off different visual effects depending on the light.

+ The Thirty Lounger by sculptor Matt Devine at the Device Gallery, crafted from raw steel and finished with a deep brown patina, is more comfortable than one may think. Talk about presence.

+ Outofstock describes their latest project as the Naked Chair because no attempt has been made to dress up the connection between the steel sheets and the wooden frame that make up the chair. The structure is the aesthetic. The Naked Chair requires no tools for assembly, as the pieces are held in place by wingnuts.

+ Elsa Somano's first release of the year is Etape 1, a table lamp that brings to life a perforated map of the world.

+ The Vanderpoll table by Marijn van der Poll was inspired by the solid nature of heavy machinery. Van der Poll built a table to last a family forever. This one is in 3mm steel with a stainless steel top, but a black oak version is also an option. The company name and city name on the base can be replaced by the family name and the name of their home.

+ Jungyun Yoon has designed Inner Message rings, simple bands that have a raised message on the inside. After a while, the message becomes imprinted on the wearer's finger. The two messages here are "marry me" and "always."

+ Tamsin van Essen's Warped Light is inspired by traditional paper lanterns and their signature concertina effect. Each bone china lantern starts out symmetrical, but then collapses and becomes warped in a unique way.

+ The GrassOn cube lamp from ITlab is designed to sit on the floor or table, or hang from the ceiling. The reused synthetic grass can be trimmed to allow more light to shine through, and the GrassOn can be used indoors or out as ambient lighting.

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