Fiber Cement and Polycarbonate by Christopher Megowan
by sabine7 / January 7, 2009

Posted here before, Christopher Megowan's modern annex is an addition to a Victorian home used for student housing near the University of Southern California. The 1200 sq. ft. addition was built to provide a common living area as well as more bedrooms. Usually the older homes are torn down and replaced by apartment blocks, but here the focus was on finding a creative way to use the existing structure. Some of the main features include fiber cement panels and polycarbonate walls instead of glass. Light filters through the polycarbonate (no bars over glass windows required) and ventilation flaps in the fiber cement panels keep air circulating. As well, the polycarbonate walls are wired for lighting that would allow the walls to glow. The contrast between old and new is highlighted by a five-foot wide polycarbonate annex that serves to connect the two spaces.


The project is owned and was developed by two students at the University of Southern California. Christopher Megowan, one of the two students/owners, designed the project while still studying at the School of Architecture. Purchased as a student housing investment, the addition was constructed on a tight budget at less than 130 dollars per square foot.




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