Best MoCo Objects This Week
by Harry / December 22, 2008 coverage of Design Miami/, the VIVID Gallery and satellite exhibitions.

This week's picks:

+ Ross Lovegrove at Design Miami/ discusses Liquid Space on Vernissage.TV. "In this conversation Ross Lovegrove talks about how the piece fits into his work, the piece itself (the aesthetic and functional connection between chandelier and the table), the role of the luxury industry for industrial designers ("it's a patron, it's like the Medicis in some way"), luxury and modesty, liquid forms and organic design, prospective ideas for crystals (crystal powder to create crystal clouds), and the collaboration with Swarovski Crystal Palace".

+ Sebastian Errazuriz's Repisa N5 fold-away bookshelf. Via pan-dan.

+ Hiroshi Tsunodas' Bender portable/ modular book storage system for DesignCode at Below the Clouds, made from a single sheet of metal you bend into its final shape.

+ Philippe Nigro's marble Market crates look like the wooden kind fruit producers use to ship fruit. At designboom shown at the Galleria Temporanea 08 show.

+ Stefan Diez's Tyvek Papier handbags for Authentics at Yatzer, "An industrial material as a lifestyle product. The product name PAPIER is a playful allusion to the material: the bags look like paper, feel like paper, and are processed almost like paper. But as delicate as the bags may look: they are extremely strong and wear-resistant".

+ Hella Jongerius' folding Fennec mirror, with metal hinges on the inside and the outer side with engraved walnut. Via Les carnets du design.

+ Leah Evans' map quilts at designboom are "hand-sewn in fine detail forming an almost abstract pattern... she doesn't simply translate maps onto her quilts, instead she creates imaginary lands uses elements from different maps".

+ Designasyl's student thesis project Stay At My Home, a range of temporary furniture for overnight guests, "The furniture, which includes a mattress, removable drawer, lamp and carpet, is stored in and around a side table when not in use".

+ Ikea's Datid Appliances at uncrate, "Sporting a great anthracite finish, the current collection includes a couple gas cooktops, a microwave oven, two built-in ovens, three different exhaust hoods, and a pro-grade gas range".

+ The Electrolux Brita fridge dispenses chilled filtered water from a removable four liter tank inside the fridge door. Via Appliancist.

+ Industrial Facility's JetLag travel alarm clock for IDEA International, "a product that receives little attention yet continues to be popular among older generations. The design is informed not by the shape but by interface". Via Apartment Therapy.

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