Catwalk by MINIMIS
by Harry / December 15, 2008

Catwalk is a modular, LED-illuminated outdoor & indoor walkway system, "A more dramatic alternative to your standard brick walkway to the front door". In daylight the modular steel and white polycarbonate structure has a clean rectilinear profile and resembles raised stepping stones over water, at night the catwalk is self-illuminated by low power-sipping LED lights creating a ribbon of light with a subtle interplay of focused and diffused points of light. The surface is non-slip, more so than wood, and is stain-resistant, so easy to to clean. If left on 24 x 7 x 365, each CATWALK module costs only $2 per year to power. After the jump, more from MINIMIS; Arkivos, repurposed from salvaged old filing cabinets and kitchen solid steel counters that incorporate salvaged materials.


Arkivos, repurposed from salvaged old filing cabinets, are "aesthetically repurposed archives, as sidewalk planters and herb gardens for your terrace, sidewalk cafe, or back yard. In the spirit of the modern Bauhaus movement, the monolithic planters boast clean, straight lines, very solid construction, and an industrial appearance.".

MINIMIS Counters are constructed of solid steel and "incorporate salvaged materials, when available.".

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