Best MoCo Architecture This Week
by Harry / December 13, 2008

BAR's Mies-Meets-Granpré mobile meeting space at Architectural Record, "the little structure has a polyester skin decorated with imitation bricks and can be delivered to the site on a standard trailer chassis.". Via Judit Bellostes and architectenvanmourik.

This week's picks:

+ Choi Ropiha's sustainable Mona Vale House at Arch Daily. "the client approached Choi Ropiha to design a house that would demonstrate and test a number of active and passive sustainable initiatives whilst accommodating a contemporary coastal lifestyle.".

+ Kazunori Fujimoto's House in Ibara, Japan at noticias arquitectura, "This house consists of box-space and roof-space. There are two bedrooms and bathroom in box-space, and there is storage (23.5 square meters) in an underground story. In roof-space, there are the entrance, kitchen and living room.".

+ Pierre Minassian's Maison Biscuit at Below the Clouds, une "parfaite intégration dans le paysage la maison s'est appropriée le site" (a perfect integration of site and home).

+ Shinichi Ogawa's 81 sq. meter White Court House with translucent facade at What We Do Is Secret. Via Nissyo Kogyo.

+ Rico Turu's Setagaya-S in Tokyo at What We Do Is Secret, the architect "draws a nice distinction between the common area (living/dining room, kitchen and bathroom) and the bedroom for the client couple who have a child. Although from the outside it is just 'one' house with a gable roof, the top floor in the cross section of this house looks like a tiny house sitting on top of a small two-story building.".

+ Yasuko Ohtsuka's H House at What We Do Is Secret, "With merely 1041 square feet of floor area, this house designed by Yasuko Ohtsuka has three bedrooms and a nice patio.".

+ Hirokazu Suemitsu + Yoko Suemitsu's "Okina-ki" (a big tree) house in Sendai, Japan at "A cross wall at center changes its size gradually, from a small size at the bottom floor to a large size at the top floor. It creates a connection at the public area like dining and living space. At the same time, it creates privacy at the private area like a bedroom.".

+ Grosfeld van der Velde Architects' S House at Contemporist, "The living area is raised above the surrounding land, so that the view of the natural environment is optimal. Large terraces immediately adjacent to the main living areas and large windows give the house a light and transparent character.".

+ The Johnston Architects' Miner's Refuge cabin in Mazama, Washington at Contemporist. "The building is nestled into a sloping hill on the east, minimizing its presence on the site and orienting its long side toward the meadow to the west. The floor plan of the main volume steps up incrementally to follow the existing topographic contours of the site.".

+ In New Orleans, Pitt's First "Make It Right" Homes Complete at Architectural Record. "The first six homes built by Pitt's Make It Right Foundation are now finished. They represent not only fresh starts for homeowners, but also blueprints for affordable, storm-resistant, and sustainable housing designs.". Watch the slideshow. Via Dezain.

+ MS4D's tiny S-House video at 10+1. Via Dezain.

+ Eduardo Blanco's Casa B+M at Plataforma Arquitectura.

+ H Arquitectes' wood clad (in and out) Casa 25, "The final result is a wooden volume set on a large rock and surrounded by forest, which prevents the ecological visual impact.".

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