Best MoCo Objects This Week
by Harry / December 1, 2008

This week's picks:

+ The third annual Muji award winners at Core77, above, gold prize winner Yuki Iida's Straw Straw, a straw made from actual straw.

+ Creative Industrial Objects' CI Desk, "A multi-functional home office on wheels... Through a 180-degree turn of its top, it unfolds into a small workstation for laptop users.". Via Designlines.

+ Hansandfranz's Troja arc light sculpture at Designlines.

+ Louwrien Kaptein's 90° Furniture, four units; a bed, a table, a kitchen and a closet, that fold up flat to become a room divider. Via DesignSpotter.

+ Design studio Antrepo Design's Time tuner at designboom, "the dial on the front of the device may look like an old fashioned radio tuner, it is actually a clock represented on a linear plane.".

+ Thomas Bentzen's Library storage units at designboom, "house shaped furniture is made from wood and powder coated steel. The units can be used for both storage and as a room divider.".

+ Chris Gurney's Tatami Flight Chair and Tatami Bench Sofa for Ecodecor. "Mixing Japanese aesthetics with Western lifestyle trends: bamboo and tatami seating". At David Report.

+ Stuart Fingerhut's Gun Rack Organizer, "designed to be mounted by the door to hold your keys, mail and coat etc.". Via Ponoko Blog.

+ Cabel and Nicole's pixel wedding inspired by retro 8-bit illustrations at sub-studio design blog. Via NOTCOT.

+ YDN Design Guide video of 5.5 Designers' Cloning, "The aesthetic of this collection is defined by the physical data taken on your body.". Also at YDN Design Guide, video of Tokujin Yoshioka's Second Nature show.

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