Best MoCo Architecture This Week
by Harry / November 1, 2008

This week's picks:

+ Wiebenson & Dorman Architects' d'House addition and renovation at Arch Daily, "An addition and renovation to this pseudo-colonial house utilizes modern forms and materials, improves circulation, allows for abundant natural light and includes complete living facilities on one level.'.

+ Johnston Marklee & Associates' Hill House at Arch Daily, "designed under challenging conditions generated by modern problems of building on a hillside. Located in Pacific Palisades, California, while the site for the house offers panoramic views from Rustic and Sullivan Canyons to Santa Monica Bay, the irregularly shaped lot is situated on an uneven, downhill slope."

+ Another house on a hill, Archikubik's Casa P3 at noticias arquitectura.

+ Francois de Menil Architect's OneTwo Townhouse at Architectural Record, "'We designed the homes to be like two dancers in step,' he says. 'Each dancer is holding onto each other yet looking beyond one another.'". Via noticias arquitectura.

+ Akira Yoneda's HP house at Judit Bellostes and Office for Word and Image, "For this 30 square meter timbre-frame house, a hybrid post-and-beam structure, Yoneda and Ikeda created a 'twisted' exterior wall.". Via WHAT WE DO IS SECRET.

+ Hermann Kaufmann's Moosmann House made for, and built on, a tiny lot. Via OffBeatHomes and FFFFOUND.

+ Jensen & Skodvin Architect's Juvet Landscape Hotel where the "Hotel rooms will, more or less, be their own small houses, with at least one of its walls made of glass". Via Below the Clouds.

+ The 13 innovative green building designs of the Lifecycle Building Challenge at Jetson Green. Above, a Tripod Plug and Play house being assembled, "The principle of separating served and servant spaces is utilized by creating a mechanical "core" that acts as a motherboard that is able accept multiple "pods" that are living, cooking, and sleeping spaces. This modular design allows homeowners to change their homes by adding or subtracting pods to suit their needs over time.".

+ Kishimoto Kazuhiko's House in Yugawara at Wallpaper. Via Materialicious.

+ Aoki Jun's N House, via Dezain.

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