MoCo Submissions
by sabine7 / October 1, 2008

+ Karl-Oskar Karlsson's 5 Second Plates are based on 5-second sketches that are scanned into the computer, then sent to a waterjet cutting machine. The shape is cut from 15mm sheet glass, then heated and formed. Hey presto, how's that for quick?

+ Replace Post-its and chunky pads of notepaper with Niels Kjeldsen's Memory Stone, a reusable porcelain whiteboard that sits on any desk. Clean off with the sponge mounted on the base.

+ One of the latest products from La tĂȘte au cube is the unscented countdown candle, 48, that burns for 48 hours.

+ Tim Forrester's Hex combines handprinted wallpaper with an MDF base to create modular storage that can keep evolving.

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