London Design Festival: From Now to Eternity
by sabine7 / October 1, 2008

From Now to Eternity is an exhibition curated by arts consultancy Arts Co that opened at the Biscuit Building during the London Design Festival. The exhibition focuses on plastic, a much-used material that will likely be with us until the very end. Who knew that it would have such lasting power when it was invented over one hundred years ago? And along with that permanency comes a huge recycling challenge. Ten leading designers and studios celebrate this substance through their work and here we show a few examples. Stuart Haygarth's Millennium Chandelier is made up of over 1000 exploded party poppers. The Shaker Shadow by Tomoko Azumi is an austere installation made of recycled extruded polystyrene and PEP webbing, not wood. Forever Old and Dressed to Impress by Rolf Sachs include a variety of materials, including coconut hair and a cigarette. The Soft Hercules by FAT is a flexible polyurethane foam stool, and Raw Edges created a series of objects based on plastic toys, called Plastic Nostalgic.


Millennium Chandelier by Stuart Haygarth

Shaker Shadow by Tomoko Azumi

Forever Old by Rolf Sachs

Dressed to Impress by Rolf Sachs

Soft Hercules by FAT

Plastic Nostalgic by Raw Edges

Plastic Nostalgic by Raw Edges

Plastic Nostalgic by Raw Edges

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