PAPPA*PHONE: Behind the Scenes
by sabine7 / September 11, 2008

Now for the behind-the-scenes look at the making of the new Hulger PAPPA*PHONE. Looking at the sleek final product attached to a Mac, it is hard for the layperson to imagine the start-to-finish process. But take a pile of American walnut, combine with Hulger's design, bring it into the shop and add the Furni magic: watch the PAPPA*PHONE come to life. Working with Hulger was part of the draw for Furni, "We are always more than happy to collaborate with like-minded design driven studios and workshops who care about the details first and looking at previous efforts from Hulger we knew we shared their sense of clean aesthetics and a value added approach to design." It didn't hurt that the use of the natural materials was right up Furni's alley. "The best part about using wood is that no matter how hard we try, no two products will ever be the same, the patterns in the wood grain are as unique as a human fingerprint."








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