Sovrappensiero: Diapason
by sabine7 / September 8, 2008

Light is inextricably linked to sight, so how can a blind person feel the light, apart from feeling the warmth? Sovrappensiero suggests that the visually impaired must also have a chance to have light alter the mood. Diapason is an instrument that engages light in order to produce sound. The discovery comes in the surprise, as we hear light instead of feeling or seeing it. Lorenzo De Rosa explains how it works.

How does the light produce sound with this instrument? What sort of sounds are emitted?
When the sunlight hits the solar panel, an electric magnet is activated (within the closed box). The magnetic power makes the tuning fork vibrate and play without any kind of stroke. The sound emitted is just one deep note that can change in volume. The sound emitted by a tuning fork is supposed to be the archetype of the perfect sound.




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