Meta MoCo This Week
by Harry / August 16, 2008

JM Architecture's Dolomites House at Arch Daily, "A wood deck made of 14cm wide Ipe wood planks surrounds the house, runs up a sunbathing platform with a Jacuzzi inserted, and covers two long decks."

This week's MoCo picks, Summer pool edition.

+ Büro Wehberg's 40 meter floating pool in Wolfsburg harbour, Germany. Via Judit Bellostes and Designlines.

+ Alverto Kalach & Daniel Alvarez Architects' jungle pool at Casa Negro. Via mopu42.

+ Norisada Maeda's "MACHINE HEAD -UNSUI" house in Kanagawa, Japan at Via Dezain.

+ How Much Should Design Cost? at TreeHugger, "The architectural profession is broken in the single-family house biz; the vast majority of people live in houses that were built by developers from generic plans."

+ ReCollections of Kiki and Joost video at Designguide.TV, "It's about memories about forgotten objects, values or techniques."

+ voonwong&bensonsaw's SETCAST bone china collection, "a collection that makes the best use of bone china's excellent light-reflective properties and also moves away from traditional decorative tableware to focus on striking new typologies that make a bold statement." Via NOTCOT.

+ Wasara disposable paper products inspired by traditional Japanese forms and aesthetics. Via swissmiss.

+ Fiona Thomson's wireless candelabra, "cleverly transforms what were purely ornamental objects into functional and useful objects." Via Cool Hunting.

+ Eiry Rock's collection of chair designs "explore the relationship between objects and their reliance on each other." Via designboom.

+ ibride's Ming vase made up of six stackable melamine dishes and bowls that come apart for dinner duty. Via Apartment Therapy.

+ The Amadana AD-203 iPod and CD Player, "cradles your iPod, plays your CDs, wakes you up via alarm". Via Apartment Therapy.

+ Michael Young's Cityspeed urban bike for Giant, "The bike features LED headlights and tail lights integrated into the frame."

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