Sydney Design 08: Time Capsule
by sabine7 / August 18, 2008

Time Capsule 2008- 2158 is an exhibition taking place at Sydney’s Beautiful On The Inside as part of Sydney Design 08. Seven Australian designers were invited to create work suitable for a time capsule that will be opened up 150 years from now. The pieces are meant to be a reflection of today’s design, the people of today or simply worthy of immortalization, always ensuring that they embody the philosophy of “pieces with soul.” The designers participating in this exhibition are Arthur Koutoulas (Jerry Lantern), Babak Aryaie (Miz coffee table), Christopher Earl Milbourne (Vessel), Henry Wilson (Bedrock lamp), Keith Melbourne (Bite me and Experimental chandelier), Lana Alsamir-Diamond (Always greener), and Matthew Conway (Cake N Coffee table).


Keith Melbourne - Bite me

Henry Wilson - Bedrock lamp

Arthur Koutoulas - Jerry Lantern

Babak Aryaie - Miz coffee table

Christopher Earl Milbourne - Vessel

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