2 Questions for Jo Meesters
by sabine7 / August 14, 2008

Jo Meesters transforms materials like pottery, paper and wood in some way so as to provide a surprise ending. Traditional Delft Blue scenes are scraped away to leave a contemporary landscape. Discarded paper is used to create vessels that are moulded around others no longer in use. Eight thousand holes are bored through wood and reinforced with transparent resin to let light create another dimension. A lamp becomes a sideboard, or is it the other way around? The hybrid of lighting/table/room divider becomes an "artificial hedge." There is quite a range of materials and matter in Meesters’ work, making it tricky to pinpoint which direction this Dutch designer will head for next. The only thing we do know is that innovation will fuel the way.

Because the Netherlands has such a tradition of creating fine pottery, if any of your Ornamental Inheritance work ever met with criticism, how would you respond? Is there a tendency to protect the notion of traditional Delftware?
Not really. I made the vases because the traditional ones usually use old sceneries like windmills and landscapes from the last century. The landscape has changed and I think it needs to be represented in a new way so I chose vases to put the new Dutch landscape. In combination with the method I used (sandblasting) and the imagery combined with the traditional patterns, I think I've managed to show people the history of these vases from then to now.


Can the new material you developed out of paper waste to create the PULP collection work as a cost-effective alternative to traditional ceramic tableware? What would be the advantages in using this material commercially?
It could be. Although traditional ceramic tableware lasts longer, I think. The Pulp series that I developed can be seen as an alternative way to create tableware without using equipment other than pulp and moulds. The advantage of using this material would be to reduce paperwaste, but I think we need to think about materials that can be reused over and over again to reduce waste in general.



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