MoCo Submissions
by sabine7 / June 18, 2008

+ Puma, Atmos NYC and National Geographic photographer Mitsuaki Iwago have teamed up to release the Endangered Species Collection, starting with the Polar pack, a collection of 3 styles based on different animals. The removable insole sports one of Iwago’s photos, and the animal’s habitat is printed on the reverse tongue and outsole.

+ Josh Guyot’s Squishy Bowl packs down into whatever shape you need it to be in order to make it fit. Made of food grade silicone and heat-resistant to 400˚F, the Squishy Bowl pops back into shape and is ready to go.

+ Scott Amron’s clock is Part Clock, Part BOM (bill of materials). To function, the LCD display does not need the extraneous components that are scattered around it, but without them it would look a little lost.

+ Some new styles to be launched next month in Frankfurt are the 24 Carat Pets and Skinny Icons by Otto von Quast.

+ Kyle Ng’s two-finger ring is heaped with pyrite, for a look at the faceting that takes place in nature, in contrast to yesterday's sterling ring.

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