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by Harry / May 31, 2008

New at miniHome, the 12WIDE the "largest miniHome to date" and the miniHome DUO, "marrying an ADD-ON room at the Loft portion of the SOLO, giving a full 12′ ceiling - and this gives us some very cool overlook spaces from the Loft!". Via Fresh MoCo and Modern Eco Blog.

This week's MoCo picks.

+ candidrogers architect's AIA award winning Marfa 10 x 10 Lightbox, "a minimal dwelling retreat consisting of a mere 320 sq. ft. The interior living / dining space takes advantage of the exterior court by two flap doors which allows for the interior and exterior living space to become one. The project size is minimal in effort to keep costs down.". Via materialicious.

+ Architecture majors Todd Bennett, Amy Campbell, and Ross Findly's green Fletcher Street House, "Together they came up with the idea to buy, design and rehab a house in Philly for their summer experience rather than going the traditional internship route.". Flickr photo set here. Via materialicious via

+ The modular Énóvo House, "a sleek modular assembly that's designed to evolve as the needs of its inhabitants change.". Via Inhabitat.

+ FreeGreen's Smart Box, "FreeGreen launched with the mission to encourage progressive building practices by making green home designs free for everyone. They provide detailed, green home plans that are freely downloadable.". Via Jetson Green.

+ Zurich University of the Arts grad Christoph Senn's Broken Mirror Fabric. Via Boicozine.

+ imovatedesign's Timebehold "a colour changing innovative and kinetic light that is designed to react to time and creates stunning light reflections on the surface of itself and beyond.". Via DESIGNSPOTTER.

+ Ronan & Erwan Bouroullec's Pebble outdoor collection for Tectona. Via pan-dan.

+ Daniel Schipper's Folding Greenhouse, "a folding device which is a light-weight, flexible, modular greenhouse. Especially suitable for small spaces like cityhouses, balconies, roof terraces or town gardens.". Via designboom, via Yanko Design.

+ Benjamin Hubert's Cast Desk Tidy for Welmade Products, "The desk tidy has specific cast shapes in the top surface, designed to fit your stationary, encouraging a thoughtful process of pencil selection and stationary display rather than the conventional 'throw it all in a pot approach'."

+ Art. Lebedev's Cubistorus Modular Shelving System units connect together with special clips, "and can be arranged vertically or horizontally, supporting platforms for desks, benches or beds.". Via Apartment Therapy.

+ Core77: New York Design Week 2008 image gallery.

+ PingMag's Salone Satellite 2008: a Designer's Perspective.

+'s video of Barber & Osgerby and their pieces for Meta, "dedicated to combining exquisite materials with the world's finest artisans to create 21st century design at a quality once seen at the heights of the decorative arts.".

+ Tor Clausen's acoustic Musical Furnishings, "modular coffee tables that can house four, eight, nine, and 16 percussive components including tambourine, snare, cowbell and three levels of bongo.". Watch the video. Via Josh Spear.

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