AASCPAFAHTGYATCYADMS: Stefan Boublil and Sally talk about sofas
by Harry / May 28, 2008

The somewhat profane and LOL funny SallyTV is busy posting up a New York Design Week storm:

- a AASCPAFAHTGYATCYADMS interview (ask a specific creative person about furniture and have them give you answers that confuse you and/or don't make sense) with the intrepid Stefan Boublil, our favorite quote; "when i see a farmer's rake dipped in gold, i get mad", and one more, "i actually think the restraint of her pieces betray her sluttiness",

- Sh*t that sucked at ICFF, 2008 edition,

- we sense a theme, The Apartment is full of sh*t, probably NSFW (with a particularly revealing photo set)

- and finally NY Design Week: my entirely too long recap



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