Apartment Therapy Presents: Hundreds of Design Solutions
by Harry / May 4, 2008

If you follow design blogs you may know that Maxwell Gillingham-Ryan, the blogger behind the Apartment Therapy network of sites, is now the author of a second book on design; Apartment Therapy Presents: Real Homes, Real People, Hundreds of Design Solutions. A natural progression from his first book The Eight-Step Home Cure, a guide to de-cluttering your home and life, Design Solutions shows how real people have found solutions for their homes. 40 very personal, very real homes to be precise, from a South Beach Florida studio to an East Village walk up in New York City. Says Maxwell, "Nothing you do for your home is wasted. More than just a physical shelter, the home is both a second skin that protects us from the world outside and an emotional center that nourishes us and supports our innermost dreams.". Search Inside at Amazon to see more. Hardcover, 264 pages, more than 400 color images, $18.15 at Amazon.

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