In San Francisco for Web 2.0 Expo
by Harry / April 20, 2008

I'm in San Francisco this week for Web 2.0 Expo. My partners at Praized and I will be attending the conference (more like attending the parties) and to that end, we've put together a Web2Places guide/blog highlighting the places, people and parties nearby. If you've got recommendations for restaurants or bars in SoMa, or anywhere in SF for that matter, please leave a comment. I'll also be visiting with MoCo friends Philip at CITIZEN:Citizen, Joe at Ecolect and Sally of SallyTV. Thanks Sally for the Blue Bottling Coffee Co. tip, I made a b line for the kiosk when we got in and yes, it does edge out Peet's for best coffee in SF IMHO. My cabbie also suggested Citizen Cake around the corner for a complement, another great tip, muchas gracias senor!

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