Milan 2008 Preview: spHaus
by sabine7 / April 11, 2008

SpHaus will be showing new products at both the Salone and Fuorisalaone next week in Milan. Chairs and lamps are the focus of this year’s collection. Shown above is Manolo Bossi’s L.A. lighting that can be used as a floor or table lamp. In white with a contrasting red wire, this aluminum-shaded lamp gives off downward light. The THX 1138 floor lamp (after the jump), a very zen disc on a tall stem, is by Filippo Dell’Orto throws its light up towards the ceiling. Seating includes a line by Carlo Contin, Fat Body and Thin Body, chairs designed for offices and public spaces as well as living rooms. EX.PILOT, by Dodo Arslan, is an armchair that looks fit for a cockpit.


Thx 1138

Thin Body

Fat Body


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